Stunning Aerial Video of Iceland’s Green Volcano Can Soothe Your Lockdown Stress

Iceland’s flagship airline Icelandair is welcoming visitors back to the island nation with a breathtaking aerial look at some of the country’s most awe-inspiring spots.

The videos, which include scenes of fjords, canyons, and a green volcano, are accompanied by audio narration that describes the geology and wonder.

With the Aurora Borealis spotting season running from October-April in Iceland, the airline is keen to provide inspiration for your next vacation—or just for those who are looking for some escapism from the comfort of their own homes.

Below, check out the haunting vision of a green volcano—our favorite among the videos.

“Casting a striking figure against a barren black sand desert, moss-covered Mælifell is a crowning jewel in the Icelandic highlands. Its iconic cone is covered in grimmia – a moss that grows specifically on cooled lava.”

The the mountain is at its emerald-colored best the morning after a rainy day, as it was on the day of filming.