PwC says majority of its UK employees will now work from home

Accountancy firm PwC, which had seen a number of staff return to offices from lockdown, has said most UK employees will now be working from home in the wake of new government guidance.

The Big Four firm joins the long line of businesses that have this week had to review back-to-office plans in light of new government guidance telling people to work from home if they can.

Many employers had invited staff to come back into offices from last month after a period of remote working during lockdown.

Kevin Ellis, PwC UK chairman and senior partner, today said: “We’ve seen benefits for our people, clients, suppliers and communities of using our offices in recent weeks and they will continue to play an important role – but only when appropriate to do so. Safety and wellbeing is paramount, and we will follow the government’s new guidance.”

He added: “This means the majority of our people will now be working from home, unless there is a clear personal or business need to be in the office.”

The company, which has offices in London Bridge and Embankment, as well as other parts of Britain, has 22,000 staff in the UK.

The group’s offices have been open since July, with numbers of people returning increasing weekly.

Around half of the firm’s employees have spent time back in the office since they reopened on July 6.

PwC’s Ellis added: “There are aspects of our work, including audit, that require gathering of evidence and judgements that will, on occasions, require face to face discussion and on-site activities, to preserve decision making and quality. Now, more than ever, flexibility is critical in how we support our people and clients.”